Yes, I Carved a Pumpkin.

October 31, 2010 at 7:46 pm Leave a comment

I carved a pumpkin yesterday. Pretty big deal for me.

I’m what you would call “unspirited.” I’m that girl on the high school soccer team who dressed MINIMALLY for every “spirit day” we had. For Halloween, I never go “all out.” I just dress up in something cute, with little planning or detail. For college football games I never wore the gold spandex, the crazy make up or the outrageous game day accessories like other girls. I wore the team shirt and occasionally put a little “cu buffs” tattoo on my face. Awesome. I know.

My point is, carving a pumpkin and getting into the Halloween spirit is unusual for me. But, I’m turning over a new leaf. Starting my own path of traditions. I’m going to make a conscious effort to be more involved in the Hallmark holidays, and light a little fire of spirit inside me.

Well, at least that’s what I thought yesterday. Until God decided to punish me. He let me know that maybe I’m not cut out to be the spirited type. It was harsh.

Lets take a look at the turn of events:

Saturday, October 30, 11:45 AM: So proud of myself for carving this Pumpkin. I carved it in about 6 minutes since I was getting…well…bored. But, lets remember, baby steps.








Saturday, October 30th 12:05 PM: Me and Tall Drink of Water (my boyfriend who I will refer to as that because well, he’s really… tall) took a picture of our pumpkins together. His was way more detailed and creative. But again, baby steps.








Saturday, October 30th, 12:08 PM. Lets just say we got a little too excited and may have put the pumpkins in the laundry room, put candles inside them, and turned off the lights to see what they would look like in the dark. Dorky, yes. But spirited…









Sunday, October 31st. 1:00 PM. I walk outside to marvel at my pumpkin masterpiece only to find…a crime scene.



























My new path, represented through my carved pumpkin, was over. The Colorado wind, or the squirrel rustling around the balcony, I don’t know. Either one could have been the culprit (leaning towards the squirrel.) But, my excitement about who I wanted to be, was stifled, I was brought back down to my reality.

Being the spirited, cheerleader, “lets celebrate!” girl, I guess just isn’t me. I tried. I really did. I’ll keep trying, keep chugging along on my new journey, maybe just a bit more…cautiously.

Will I let this pumpkin disaster stop me from putting holiday decorations around the house? No. Because…I wouldn’t have done it anyways.

I seriously love…love.


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