Why Should I “Like” Your Brand?

November 15, 2010 at 12:16 am Leave a comment

I’m going off my spirited rants for a minute and going back to my real passion: marketing.

After working at a social media agency for a few months as what many would call a “Social Media Manager” or “Community Manager”, I’ve explored my niche, and learned quite a few things along the way.

Thanks to measurement and hard work, I’ve  been able to see some positive results, patterns and trends in social media channels. I’ve seen increases in fans and engagement by implementing a few key tactics.

Here’s my take on increasing fans: Offer fans something creative and strong enough that will make them “like” your brand, talk about you with their friends, and cause them to be an informal brand evangelist- your advocate, your voice out their on the streets, your best friend- only the best marketing tool EVER.

(this is minus all the other very important tactics like being customer service oriented, responding to customer needs, and engaging in convo with fans: CARING.):


FACEBOOK TABS: Specially designed Facebook tabs are like gold. Since they can be interactive, visually appealing, and a fun extension of the brand personality, the offer on the tab will hold much stronger than any coupon you can get in the mail.

For one client, we offered a Free Meal to fans on their birthday every year if they “like” the brand and sign up for the email club. We saw the number of Facebook fans go up by almost 3,000 people in 3 days. What better offer than a free meal at a higher priced restaurant that people love? Nada.

When fans feel like a brand is offering an EXCLUSIVE deal, they’ll be more inclined to use the deal. It’s their special prize for following you.

A simple “like” for a fan isn’t hard commit to in order to get an offer. However, the more steps you add for getting the offer, the less chance you have of acquiring the fan (having them put in their email, answer questions, put in demographic info or go off the Facebook page etc.). Really, they should never be taken off the Facebook page. However, with a good offer, these steps won’t be a hassle for the fan.

Giving an offer where EVERYONE can win, is the ultimate. The CHANCE to win is also a thrill, but knowing you will absolutely get something out of it will make you much more likely to “like” or follow a brand.

Basically, a brand can really grow their reach on social media when they have something exciting going on. Something worth your time. Something to spark your curiosity…

Something to take you away from Facebook stalking your “friends.”


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