Looking Back: My Favorite 2010 Moments

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With 2011 sneaking up on any minute, I thought I’d take a look back at my year in 2010. This year was a huge transition for me, as I took the leap from college life to the “real world” and made some big decisions. Here are my 10 favorite things about 2010.

1. My 22nd Birthday.

Celebrating my 22nd birthday this year was fab. I missed partying on my 21st since I was studying abroad in Spain, (although celebrating in Spain was unbelievable!) so I got to experience all the typical 21st birthday rituals: Kissing the Buffalo at The Pub (in Boulder), eating a lamb gyro off the street–late night, and speaking Spanish on my walk home with random person x.

2. Taking My Senior Year Spring Break With My Family.

There was no crazy Mexican trip with friends, but Florida with my family was just perfect for me. I told my mom, dad and brother everyday how much it meant to me that we were all together. I’m a huge dork. But, living in Colorado while they’re all in Boston, is hard on me sometimes. So any time is good for me.

3. Graduating From College.

I’d say the best part of graduation was when I was standing in line, waiting to march in, when my teacher came up to me and said, “where’s your medal?” I responded, “for what?” He told me I had over a certain GPA and graduated with DISTINCTION. This little surprise was the icing on my cake, and I felt a sense of pride I hadn’t come across before. All my hard work had paid off, and being recognized for it was humbling.

4. Getting My First Job.

Throughout college, I worked hard, had numerous internships and made sure to get my foot in the door so that after graduation I wouldn’t be the typical “struggling grad.” I happily accepted a position at a new marketing agency in Boulder and have learned so much since being there. I realized you can get a job in the field you want, with a little free labor (internships), and a lot of curiosity, you’re on the right track to stardom.

5.  Getting My First Business Card.

Okay. To most people, this wouldn’t be a big deal. But, the fact that I have a business card I can actually hand out, with my name on it, is pretty cool.

6. Discovering Glee.

Again, this wouldn’t seem like a life changing moment, but it really is. I’ve always loved singers, and although I was a little late in catching the “Glee” train, I am now obsessed. A lot.

7. Starting My Blog.

This blog has been a great place for me to write about my life, the little, the big, the important and the miscellaneous things that are happening to me, and share it with whomever feels like reading. I realized how much other bloggers inspire me with their stories and their ability to drive a huge following with their unique voices. I’m happy I didn’t just look from the sidelines. I’m actually playing too.

8. Working With “Mommy Bloggers.”

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with what many people call “mommy bloggers.” I got to work with them on behalf of my clothing client to hold reviews and giveaways, and it has been a pleasure. These moms are professional, interesting, and hard working–able to create a unique online empire. I’ve loved reading their reviews, and creating personal relationships with them. In my short career so far, this has been my favorite part of marketing, and seeing the results has been nothing short of rewarding.

9. Moving into a New Apartment.

After a stint living with the bf for a few weeks, I realized I’m way too young to live with my significant other. I turned to my good friend, Craigslist, to find an apartment near my job, with sane roommates who I could actually be friends with. Viola! I found 2 great roommates, an apartment right in the center of town, and I get to walk to work everyday. Couldn’t have worked out better.

10. Discovering Ann Taylor Loft.

Now that I’m a working woman, I need business clothes that are appropriate, but not shlumpy for a young 20-something. That’s when LOFT came in. I found this store, which is young and hip, yet sophisticated. I play the part, so I may as well look the part, right? Oh and the best gem: My bf got me a cardigan from LOFT for Christmas. Yes.


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Yes, I Decorated For Christmas. Yes, I’m Jewish. Snowy Thoughts

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