Snowy Thoughts

December 31, 2010 at 2:24 am Leave a comment

There’s nothing like snow lightly, slowly falling all day long to make you just stop. Think. The sleet piles up, the dark street turns white, and the silence becomes deafening. A footstep here and there causes a flutter in me.

And so the charming, comforting feeling of the snow made me want to stay-in today. But soon enough, after my initial excitement, boredom sank through me, and so did my questions:

1. What am I doing in Colorado?

– I think I’m here for a job, and a boy. Am I here for me?

2. Do I want to be challenged more in what I’m doing?

-I think I need to push myself farther, and more importantly, let others know I want to be pushed.

3. Am I being complacent?

-Am I too settled? There’s so many things I want to do–I want this blog to better, deeper, stronger–I want to think of the next big idea….I want to inspire.

The answers are dangling, lingering, waiting for me to do something about them. And I’m waiting for them to just come.


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