The Worst Tweet Response Ever just got WORSE.

June 26, 2011 at 10:08 am 2 comments

After my angry rant about The Worst Restaurant Tweet Response. Ever, I had to give you a little follow-up.

Introducing The Pinyon. The little restaurant that…couldn’t. Tweet that is. Let’s just say sending 140 characters filled with sensitivity, customer service and respect just isn’t their forte.

I complained to this restaurant a few weeks ago in a tweet that I was unhappy with my experience there. They tweeted back with no tact or common sense. Think sarcastic, rude, unprofessional, annoying. And guess what? They actually did it AGAIN. Talk about Double Jeopardy. I can’t let them get away with murder TWICE. So I’m sharing their mistake. Twice.

After their first terrible response, I didn’t even reply I was so disgusted. Instead, I wrote a blog post. Apparently, they didn’t like that “no response back” thing.

I thought I’d share these somewhat harassing tweets I received AFTER I didn’t answer back from their tweet that a 6-year old could have written better.

For anyone in PR and Marketing, let’s just say this should be on your “never ever do this in a million years list.” Enjoy the following Twitter story, in screen caps:

My 1st tweet complaining to The Pinyon restaurant for the bad service/food. (This was my first “twonplaint” = Twitter + Complaint).

Witness the horror that followed.

No response from me, mostly just hatred. And a blog post.

The Pinyon couldn’t let it go, though. Evidence below of them possibly trying to mend the situation, but actually making it even worst. Is that possible? Yes.

Again, no response from me. The fact that they told me to “get yer tush back in here..” sent me onto another level of disgust.

But, their feelings we’re obviously hurt by my “just ignore them” approach. And they needed to let me know.

Final awfulness: (I screen capped this from my email since they deleted it off their Twitter account..maybe someone stepped in?)

Just wow.

Hope you enjoyed that gem.


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  • 1. BlackLOG  |  June 29, 2011 at 12:40 am

    Be thankful that you didn’t get 30 days in prison and a huge fine like the food blogger in Taiwan who complained that the noodles in a restaurant were too salty and that there were cockroaches in the kitchen.

    The Judge decided that while Mrs. Liu’s comments regarding the cockroaches were passable by virtue of being statements of fact, her comments on the noodles were out of line; she had only eaten a single serving of the noodles and was not in a position to judge.

    Just as well don’t live in Taiwan with my opinions I would spend the whole of my life in prison….


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