Why Didn’t I Think Of That? (well, this time I actually did…)

August 18, 2011 at 9:00 am 3 comments

I’ve always thought Facebook should have a “love” button. Sometimes I want to send some love to a friend’s post or a brand’s unbelievably smart status update (Think Target, they have the best), and knew that a “love” button would do the trick. But of course, my limited coding skills and status at the Facebook headquarters (meaning no status at all…) didn’t allow that to happen. BUT, snickers wasn’t waiting around for someone else to do it like me, they’ve done it. Tah-dah! A love button that’s branded to snickers.

Now, just because snickers is my favorite candy and I happen to crave it often (meaning daily or hourly), doesn’t mean this post is bias or anything…

Check out their Facebook promotion to introduce new peanut butter squares:

Once you click “Try The Love Button” a new screen appears with a few of the pages /brands you “like” on Facebook. Here’s what it gave me. Disclosure: Some of these are my awesome clients.

Here, you can choose which brand page you’d like to switch from “like” to “love.” Naturally, I chose diet coke. (So good and their “be extraordinary campaign” is genious.) You can see it’s highlighted yellow. Then I hit “Submit and Share.”

Of course, Snickers wants you to post this to your wall (like any brand’s applications) to celebrate their new peanut butter squares. I tried these and they are just not as good as the real McCoy. Sorry Snicks.

I didn’t end up sharing this on my profile, but if I did, it would have looked like this:

The idea is fully there. Snickers is responding to everyone’s desire to have a love button, which I l-o-v-e. But, what I was hoping Snickers would do is take this a step further. For me, it’s a little bit promotion-driven and could have been more playful in terms of copy in order to introduce their squares. Maybe sending a friend a new peanut butter square to say I love you, sort of thing. Connecting it to personal relationships is always a nice touch.

What I’d really love though, is for this app to install a “love” button next to the “like” button on all status updates. Now that would’ve been brilliant. Facebook, I hope you’re reading this.

Who would you LOVE on Facebook?


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