Healthy Eating [In Photos]

I’ve begun a journey of eating healthy (er) than usual. I still enjoy the occasional (okay, semi-frequent) sweets, and indulge when I feel I deserve it (after any bad day), BUT, for the most part, I’ve been doing well! From preparing my meals for the week every Sunday, to upping my intake of fruits and veggies, I’m feeling much…lighter.

Some things I’ve learned:

  • Rice & pasta is much healthier in smaller doses. Watch the portion size!
  • Measure out food and use a scale to understand exactly how much you’re consuming.
  • Cook in large batches so you have leftovers that last for days (even if you’re just one person).
  • Trade in spinach for lettuce in your salads–it keeps you much fuller.
  • Invest in plenty of clementines. These are the greatest on-the-go snack.

Now, enjoy my healthy food journey with some tasty meals I’ve whipped up.

Lettuce introduce you to deliciousness, with a touch of soy sauce.

Lettuce introduce you to deliciousness, with a touch of soy sauce.

A little bit of pasta, cucumber, tomato and pesto for a filling, yet light lunch.

A little bit of pasta, cucumber, tomato and pesto for a filling, yet light lunch.

Salmon glazed with sesame teriyaki sauce, brown rice with asparagus, and spinach with a pinch of salt.

Salmon glazed with sesame teriyaki sauce, brown rice with asparagus, and spinach with a pinch of salt.

Pre-cooked shrimp, peppers, broccoli and water chestnuts over brown rice.

Pre-cooked shrimp, peppers, broccoli and water chestnuts over brown rice.


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Turning Idea into Action: Young Women in Digital Event


When I moved to Boston a year ago, I knew I had to join groups to meet people in my field. There were so many options for things to do, I found myself overwhelmed. I attended events and met great people, but never felt like it was the perfect fit for me. So, I did what every basic marketer does: I decided there was a void/need in the market, I came up with a solution to fill this, and I implemented it. Enter: Young Women in Digital!

We kicked off our first Young Women in Digital event with a bit of a twist. Rather than a traditional cocktail party where you stand in one place all night, we hosted a Speed Meet & Tweet event for young Boston marketing women working, or interested in working in the online, experiential, social media and digital space. Everyone got to chat for 4 minutes at a time and then switch to the next person. Tons of amazing ladies came out from agencies, brands, non-profits and more to chat marketing and get to know each other. There were prizes given out for tweeting with our hashtag #YWDBoston (we received over 115 tweets–thank you everyone!), and the conversation flowed all night long (as did the drinks). Thanks to everyone who came out for the event–keep an eye out for the next one!


Chatting and tweeting and meeting oh my.

Chatting and tweeting and meeting oh my.

Let the speed meeting begin!

Let the speed meeting begin!

Checking everyone in with our handy dandy attendee list.

Checking everyone in with our handy dandy attendee list.

The 60's style suggestion box I created for the event. Your suggestions were far out ladies.

The 60’s style suggestion box I created for the event. Your suggestions were far out.

The 3 founders of YWD!

The 3 founders of YWD!

Mixing and mingling.

Mixing and mingling.

Twitter hashtag cards: #YWDBoston!

Twitter hashtag cards: #YWDBoston!

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The Beautiful Side of Nemo

The winter storm lovingly named “Nemo” has blown through Boston, shutting down transportation and keeping everyone inside. After feeling a bit of cabin fever, I decided to take a walk down Beacon st. with my roommate. Boston is more beautiful than ever. The white powder, the cute little ones so excited for their day of sledding, and the quiet of the city that you rarely get actually make the snowed-in weekend worth it.


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3 Boston Activities To Keep You Warm This Winter

The winter recently took a turn for the worse in Boston, going from cold breezes to frigid wind chills and temperatures so low all I want to do is sit inside. Luckily, I’ve had the chance to do fun Boston activities that helped force me off the couch during this cold spell. I recommend braving the chill to add these activities to your to-do list.

1) Truffle Making Class: Boston Chocolate School

I attended a truffle making class with Boston Chocolate School and it was mouth watering. The executive pastry chef led the class with fun chocolate facts and demonstrations. Even better? He appeared on an episode of the Food Network’s “Sweet Genius” and won it! I had a blast asking him questions about the show. At the end of the class, we got to roll, dip, drizzle and top our very own truffles. We boxed them up, took them home and had truffles to eat for days!


2) Make Meaning: Cake decorating class

If you’ve still got a little kid-like imagination in you, Make Meaning is the place to go. Make Meaning is a creative spot for kids and adults to do various activities like cake decorating, candle making, ceramics, jewelry making and more. I of course tried the cake making, and had a ball. They give you a mini cake with fondant, and let you go off decorating. Craft the cake to your heart’s content with fondant, edible spray paint, cut outs and toppers to add your own flare. A perfect Saturday outing!


3) Groupon, Groupon, Groupon

Everyone knows Groupon, but I think it’s especially handy during the winter time. I’ve gone to 4-5 restaurants in Boston using Groupons and have loved all of them. Boston is a small city, but there are hundreds of restaurants and it’s easy to skip over them. Try out Groupon for restaurants you wouldn’t have thought of, in neighborhoods you don’t know much about–this combo makes exploring so much fun! Tip: I recommend Elephant Walk in Brookline or Waltham!

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My Year in Food: Baking, Eating and Cooking Adventures

2012 was an interesting year full of change. I moved from Colorado back to Boston where I started a new job, moved into a new apartment, met a new guy and tried many new things–including food! I’ve always loved baking, but this year my love for the oven blossomed, my obsession with Instagram grew bigger, and my curiosity for all things sweet, savory and whimsical got the best of me.

Enjoy my year in food!

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Thanksgiving Goodness

I love Fall, and my favorite part about it is of course, Thanksgiving. Enjoy some of these delightful eats and lifestyle treats that bring the flavor of the season and inspire me oh so much.

Pecan anything makes my heart melt.

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake. A modern twist on a classic favorite.

Always the most colorful dish on the Thanksgiving table.

Pumpkin Pie + Cupcakes. Need I say more?

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I’m Going To Be A…Bridesmaid!

The day has come. My first best friend is getting married! (the blonde on the right making the goofy face!)

We all grew up talking and dreaming about our weddings, who would get married first (out of about 7 of us), what we would wear, and most importantly, who the handsome prince would be! That  time is here, and I’m a mix of overwhelmed, happy and nostalgic. The days of questioning “who would be your bridesmaids, what colors will you have and what sort of dress do you picture yourself in?” are starting to feel less like a fantastical thought for the future, and more of a real possibility.

Although I’m only 24 and not ready to get married myself, I’m slowly starting to accept that in the next few years, myself and my friends will find our dream guys (hopefully), and tie the knot in our own styles. What will mine be? I’m okay answering that question now:

  • Full of whimsy and twinkle lights (to honor my love for love)
  • A bit of country (to honor my days living in Colorado)
  • Touches of vintage (to honor decor I love)
  • Chic (because who doesn’t love chic?)

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