As an experienced social media and marketing professional, I’ve created numerous integrated marketing and PR campaigns for consumer brands from restaurants to fashion to beauty to travel. My style is whimsical, fresh and imaginative, yet always grounded by sound strategy.


Client: Rodizio Grill-America’s 1st Brazilian Steakhouse

Campaign: “Like” & join Club Rodizio to get a complimentary meal on your birthday.

I assisted in working directly with an outside designer to achieve the look, feel and functionality of this email capture Facebook Tab. This tab has helped generate over 11,000 fans for this client and has significantly increased their email list.

















Client: Big Chill Fridge

Campaign: “Like” us to see inside the fridge.

I came up with this creative concept to introduce Big Chill’s newest “modern meets retro” fridge to their Facebook fans. This interactive, playful app sparks curiosity for viewers, causing them to “Like” the page in order to open up the view a bit more. It then turns into a bright new page that displays the fridge and allows fans to view it in different colors just by clicking on each shade. Then, fans can open the fridge to see inside–with each click to open displaying the color in which they are viewing the fridge at that moment. This grand introduction was a fun way to bring a fridge to life, and it increased follower count by thousands.




















































Client: Big Chill Fridge

Campaign: “Like” us and win a vintage fridge.

I wrote the creative brief and worked together with the designer to see that the vision, look and feel and brand consistency we’re achieved.




















Oops page.

The “oops” page for fans who tried to enter the contest without first “Liking” the brand. Again, I worked with the designer to make sure brand-identity was consistent and the message was clear.




















Thank you page.

The “Thank you for liking us” page. I generated the creative copy and the design outline. This page goes to an entry page on the Big Chill website.




















Client: Melt Buttery Spread

Campaign: “Like” us to get a $2 off certificate. This tab rewarded fans for their “like” with a coupon they could use online or in-store. We tied it into the holidays and gave Melt personality while displaying the product and its unique benefits.





























Client: Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology

Campaign: “Like” us and we’ll donate to the charity of your choice.

I wrote the creative brief for the designer and worked extensively with an outside programmer to make sure the voting, email capture and the “like” us functionality worked smoothly. This tab captured over 600 email addresses and helped garner over 8,000 new “likes.”



















 Oops page.

I worked in close contact with the programmer to make sure that all operations were complete in order for the app to work. The fans must “like” the page, vote for their charity and enter their email before the thank you page appears.


















Thank you page.

This page rewards fans for their contribution and brands Bel-Rea as a school that gives back and gives students the opportunity to pursue their passion.




















Client: Rodizio Grill

Campaign: Email and Facebook Brazilian Lemonade Promotion.

To promote Rodizio Grill’s famous Brazilian Lemonade, I came up with this integrated Facebook and email promotion. I wrote the copy, came up with the prizes and worked with the designer for the direction of the tab and email. The objective was to bring email members over to Facebook by aligning the marketing strategy for summer drinks with the first official day of summer. This fun promo resulted in hundreds of new Facebook “likes” and hundreds of fans interacting on the Facebook wall spreading their love for the lemonade.

Facebook tab.




































Press releases

Fresh Produce Clothing ‘Made in the USA’ Press Release on Yahoo! News

Fresh Produce Launches Interactive Online Lookbook

Children’s Museum of Denver Partnership with Whole Foods

Fresh Produce Clothing Launches ‘Getaway By Color’ Facebook Sweepstakes

Event Media Alert


Project Manager for:

Austin-Lehman Adventures Blogger Campaign: Top 125 best travel blogs website pages.

Blogger awards page

Reader contest page

Big Chill: “Like” us and win a fridge Facebook campaign.

Enter page

Thank you for entering page

Melt Buttery Spread: “Mingle with Melt” blogger campaign.

Enter page

Thank you for entering page


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Austin-Lehman Adventures Active Family Challenge Review

Melt Buttery Spread “Mingle with Melt” Review

Rodizio Grill Tweet-Up Announcement

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